Safer Beauty

Beauty Industry Facts

Did you know that the U.S. only bans or restricts the use of 30 known carcinogen, hormone disruption, or immuno-toxic ingredients from their personal care products? The European Union has banned the use of 1,400.

The last time the U.S. passed a law regulating personal care products was in 1938, and ingredients were very different then!

Why I Chose Safer Products

Because of my own battles with autoimmune illnesses and hormone imbalances, I decided to remove immunotoxic and hormone disrupting ingredients from my personal care products in 2018. I trust Beautycounter, because of their transparency and multiple third party batch testing. They are also the highest quality products that I have ever used!

What Does Clean Beauty Mean?

Beautycounter bans or restricts the use of over 1,500 harmful ingredients, known as their Never List (ingredients that they will never use). They make sunscreen, makeup, skincare, men’s skincare, and baby and kids products.

How Does Beautycounter Know What is Harmful?

Based on research posted on the EWG skin deep site, along with partnering with Tufts University to increase research and product development, Beautycounter can develop safer, high performing products.

How Do I Know That Beautycounter is Safer?

  • Independent third party testing
  • Continual batch testing for product purity (5 times for skin and body, and 6 times for makeup for every batch)
  • Is a certified B corporation, which is hard earned through rigorous performance, accountability, and transparency standards
  • Lists all of their ingredients on their website

Warning: Not every product in a store that is labeled organic or natural is safer. For example, some natural products avoid the use of preservatives. Without them, our products get moldy. It is about finding safer preservatives, versus none at all. Also, not all organic products are safer. Plant-based retinol may be linked to tumor development. Even if an ingredient maybe a risk, Beautycounter will not use it in their products.

Ready to Make the Switch to Safer Beauty?

Ways to get started:

1. To get a skincare consultation please click here.

2. Email me at to get a custom sample pack sent to you in the mail. Or if you are local to the Buffalo, NY area I can drop off products for you to try for a few days.

3. Email me, if you need help with color matching for makeup or recommendations.

4. If you are ready to make a purchase right away, know that there are free returns in the U.S. within 60 days from shipping date. If you don’t love a product, then return it! For my Canadian friends, you get refunded up to $9.95 CAD for return shipping within 60 days from shipping date.


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