Essential Oils

As someone who has multiple chemical sensitivities and has struggled with many health issues, I understand the importance of non-toxic living to improve my health. I have used essential oils in my home and on my body as one way to to improve my well-being.

What are Essential Oils?

Naturally found in seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants. Highly concentrated, when distilled for purity, potency, and efficacy.

Why doTERRA Essential Oils?

Trusted Doctors and Researches Use doTERRA

My trusted doctor that helped me to heal uses doTERRA products and oils. Of all the essential oil companies, Johns Hopkins University uses doTERRA essential oils in their research, because their purity was the most consistent (a requirement to get accurate research data).

Third Party Testing

Independent testing for quality done by Consumers Advocate found that out of 33 of the most popular essential oil companies, only 3 were found with ZERO synthetic markers (which can contribute to various health issues). doTERRA was one of those companies. For more information see the report HERE.

Co-Impact Sourcing

doTERRA sources it’s plants from developing countries, while paying their distributors above a living wage. This creates a global impact to improve the quality of life for others.

They source from areas that are known to produce the highest quality of ingredient in it’s natural environment. Example: The olives that grow in the US can produce a lovely olive oil, but the taste and properties are not the same as the olives that grow in Greece. The soil is different, as well as the climate.

For more information on sources, please click HERE.

Ready to Get Started with Essential Oils?

There Are Three Ways to Purchase:

  1. Purchase individual oils at full retail price (Least cost effective).
  2. Become a Wholesale Customer for $35 and get 25% off retail pricing for 1 year.
  3. Choose a Starter Kit- bundles of the most popular oils and automatically become a Wholesale Customer for FREE (Most cost effective).

Starter Kits Include (Check out the Kits Below):

  • Deeply discounted bundle of essential oils and/or products
  • 25% off all future purchases
  • Access to member perks, including free oils + products
  • Free Wellness Consultation in-person or over the phone/Zoom/Skype
  • Private essential oil education
  • Access to the top research + resources in the world
  • No minimum monthly requirements or obligations 

Some Kit Options:

healing faithfully family essentials kit

5ML Lemon, 5ML Lavender, 5ML Peppermint, 5ML Frankincense, 5ML Oregano, 5ML Tea Tree, 5ML Breathe, 5ML OnGuard, 5ML Deep Blue, 5ML Digestzen

FREE WHOLESALE MEMBERSHIP (25 % off for 1 year)


healing faithfully home essentials kit

15ML Lemon, 15ML Lavender, 15ML Peppermint, 15ML Frankincense, 15ML Oregano, 15ML Tea Tree, 15ML Breathe, 15 ML OnGuard, 15ML Deep Blue, 15ML Digestzen, FREE Petal Diffuser

FREE Wholesale Membership (25% off for 1 year)


Healing Faithfully aromatouch kit

5ML Balance, 5ML Lavender, 5ML Tea Tree, 5 ML OnGuard, 5ML Aromatouch, 5ML Wild Orange, 5ML Deep Blue, 5ML Peppermint, and FREE Petal Diffuser

FREE Wholesale Membership (25% off retail price for 1 year)


healing faithfully emotional aromatherapy diffused kit

5ML doTERRA Cheer, 5ML doTERRA Passion, 5ML doTERRA Motivation, 5ML doTERRA Forgive, 5ML doTERRA Console, 5ML doTERRA Peace, and FREE Lumo Diffuser

FREE Wholesale Membership (25% off retail price for 1 year)


How to Purchase Your Oils:

STEP 1: CLICK THIS LINK or head to

STEP 2: Click “Become a Member”

STEP 3: Click “Wholesale Customer”

STEP4: Choose your Region + Language

STEP 5: Complete the form with your information – If you don’t see my name “Katie Gardner” Type my ID# 7952883

STEP 6: Select “Continue”

STEP 7: Select a Kit or Wholesale Membership ($35 for the year) and follow the prompts to complete your order!

Welcome to doTERRA! Be on the lookout for a welcome email from me, and another from doTERRA.


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